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This site has been created in order to provide better service to our insureds.

Given our limited staff and the high volume of requests, we have determined that it is in the best interests of those seeking service from our company for us to deploy our staff to the fulfillment of requests rather than simply processing requests.

To that end we believe the forms located on this site specify all of the information we will need to begin working on your request.  More importantly, the new system will permit faster and more accurate tracking of requests. To begin, simply click on the form title on the left of this page that corresponds to the type of claim or request you wish to make.

Before completing a form, please make sure that you are using the correct form for the type of service you are requesting.

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You will receive an acknowledgement and confirmation of receipt of your request, immediately after submitting your request.

​Coverage under all existing validly issued policies remains in full force and CATICO continues to administer and process claims, including claims involving policies that were paid for and not received, documents that were not recorded or other matters insured by the company.

PLEASE NOTE:  On July 27, 2011, New Jersey Title Insurance Company ("NJTIC") entered into a consent order with New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance suspending the authority of NJTIC to issue new policies. On January  27, 2017, the consent order was amended to allow NJTIC to again issue policies.  On August 7, 2017, the name of New Jersey Title Insurance Company was changed to CATIC Title Insurance Company ("CATICO"). 

​This site is for requests and claims made under policies issued, or liability otherwise incurred, under the name of New Jersey Title Insurance Company prior to July 27, 2011.